These guys have sorted my Retina Mac Book instantly and at a reasonable price. Really happy with the professional service.
E J.
20:44 21 Mar 20
Incredible service. I went down to London for a very limited time and on quite a short notice, and these guys were still able to not only fix my Macbook within 2 days, but also save me nearly 600 pounds in comparison to Apple. Highly recommend, I can't thank you enough 🙂
Stefanie O.
21:11 24 Feb 20
Before I was thinking about throwing my laptop in the bin, along with the repair quote given to me by Apple. I came across Streamline Electronics that was suggested in a Macbook Pro repair forum. Nik some how made my computer come back to life after 3 years at a extremely reasonable price. They provided a great service and always kept me updated with the repairs. I highly recommend these guys, thank you!!!
James S.
13:02 07 Feb 20
Excellent service, I highly recommend Streamline Electronics. Nik has been able to fix my MacBook for a reasonable price whereas Apple told me that it could be fixed for not less than £700!!! In one day my MacBook went back to life.
Luca S.
22:29 26 Sep 19
I would recommend this to everyone. A professional great service which runs on your schedule. A simple to and you can get all your Apple products look at, quoted or repaired in a timely manner. Outstanding service. Thank you.
Richard W.
06:32 30 Aug 18
absolutely excellent service. 2 other companies had written off my Macbook. Streamline fixed the issue in a few hours at a reasonable price. highly recommended
Aisling I.
17:22 23 Aug 18
Excellent service with very reasonable price for repairs.
Trushar P.
14:25 11 Aug 18
Had to replace my MacBook Air 13 inch screen. Nik replaced it on the same day I took it in, with the best price on the market. Excellent service.
Georgia M.
12:24 14 Apr 18
Has a logic board fault, fixed overnight with great communication and service. Highly recommended
Peter W.
07:45 08 Feb 18
M0pnn ..
M0pnn ..
04:54 28 Sep 19
I repair computers as s hobby. I know when a job is to big for me to handle. I can solder surface mount parts but I am an amateur compared to these guys....
Lawrence O.
Lawrence O.
07:39 13 Dec 17
I found streamline electronics on eBay, as my MacBook Air would not turn on and had no signs of life and TWO computer shops both said the logic board was...
Matteo Crawford
Matteo Crawford
08:42 25 Jun 20
Incredibly helpful service. Sent an email with the problem and instead of insisting on sending it down to them to inspect, because they knew it was a tricky thing to fix they suggested a simple quick fix I could do myself and it worked. Much appreciated!
Arkadiy Serezhkin
Arkadiy Serezhkin
17:27 23 Jun 20
I’m writing this review from a brilliantly repaired MacBook Pro 2019 by Streamline Electronics. When I spilled a glass of wine on my laptop I was anxious and frustrated. I always was very careful with my gadgets and in 23 years it’s the first time. I turned Mac off straight away and called Streamline Electronics. The manager calmly and relaxingly explained that this is not the end of the world (like I thought it is). He also told me to dry my Mac for 48 hours and send it to them for examination and repair. He explained to me potential consequences and that they primarily depend on the amount of spilled liquid.
When he examined the Mac he told me that luckily the liquid didn’t damage crucial parts, however there was a need for a connector exchange which he had already done. I received MacBook just like new and was relieved. Can not thank Streamline electronics enough for saving my nerves and money (it was significantly cheaper than what Apple offers!)
Chris Windridge
Chris Windridge
17:10 20 Jan 20
Excellent Apple tech knowledge. Diagnosed a black screen cause and saved me an expensive repair . Following their advice problem tracked to a Ram slot solder issue....not fixable...however system is back and running on one slot with a single ram chip! On my list for guru’s and good guys.